Our company introduces domestic and overseas advanced production equipment and technology, and is committed to building a world-quality concrete pile production equipment; Now we have developed and remolded the pile centrifuge machine, pile steel mold, automatic tensioning machine, automatic pump feeding system, steel cage welding machine, automatic steel bar cutting and heading machine, steel mold lifting and shifting machine, automatic pour pile machine, chain machine, automatic mold opening and closing machine, automatic cleaning machine etc. While our company is based on the domestic market, we also expanding overseas markets. HAIYU Group has developed mature global business frame in concrete pile machine with his unique technology and considerate service with more than 20 countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Ethiopia, Korea etc. And have the honor to participate in several major projects of the Belt and Road, such as Mombasa Nairobi Railway, Addisababa Djibouti Railway, and WM Railway; In the next few years, our company will continue to focus on the automatic reform of pile equipment, and contribute to the ultimate realization of fully automatic production in concrete pile industry.

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Advanced TechnologyQuality ControlAfter-Sales Service