From material preparation to finish product. Every concrete pile mould has realized the modularization and assembly line production. Introduction of advanced machine from domestic and abroad. The maximum reduction the impact on the quality of manual operation then improve product quality.

Advanced technology

Panasonic Welding Robot

Introduce Japan Panasonic welding robot use for the welding of concrete pile mould running wheel and supporting plate. Not only has the production efficiency been improved, but also the welding quality and strength have been greatly improved, and the quality problems caused by manual misoperation have been eliminated.

6m Molding Machine

The self-made six-meter molding machine extended the original length two meters of cylinder material to six meters, which reduce the number of weld joint in the cylinder and avoids the distortion caused by welding or the error caused by manual splicing.

18m Lathe

The mould length below 12m whole process will improve pile mould concentricity.

Three-dimensional processing center. HAIYU took the lead in the industry to propose the three-dimensional processing concept of the concrete pile mould. Introduce more high-tech products and advanced production technology into the manufacturing of the concrete pile mould. Constantly improving product quality is our unremitting pursuit.