Haiyu machine have been exported to Korea, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Burma, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Algeria, ivory coast, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Iran and other countries etc. And have the honor to participate in several major projects of the Belt and Road, such as Mombasa Nairobi Railway, Addisababa Djibouti Railway, and WM Railway.

After-Sales Service

After-sale service department

There are only over ten people in our team but serves every customer of domestic and overseas. We ask our service staff to treat our customers as their friends. Professional knowledge, rich experience and the spirit of never complaining, just for the smile of the customer before leaving.

Overseas after-sales service

Haiyu has the first overseas after-sales service center in Kenya, Africa, to provide better service and convenient for all African customers. The second after-sales service center will be built in Bangladesh, it is also under planning and will be operational soon.

Service is the best way for enterprises to keep long-term contact with customers. Haiyu firmly believes that sincere and professional service to every customer is the road to success. Thank for every customer for your company, persistence and trust.