The introduction of PHC concrete piles

2018-09-13 10:21:48

The manufacturing of reinforced concrete pile (RC pile) centrifugal technology was started as early as in 1994 China and the lot production of prestressed concrete pile (PC pile) was stared in 1969. For decades, those concrete piles have been widely used in the engineerings as to industrial and civil construction, railway, highway, harbour, water conservancy, metallurgy etc. With the developments of urban infrastructures and communication and transportation in China, the demand of concrete pile is increased day by day, the quality requirements to the concrete piles are much more high, the application rage is spread to many construction engineerings such as the high -rise building, harbour etc, Meanwhile, the demands of high-strength concrete piles in areas of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and southeast Asian countries become more and more. In order to adopt the production development of prestressed concrete pile and enhance the products quality and bring about a technological advance in concrete products industry in China, we developed the prestressed high strength concrete pile (PHC pile) with home-made raw materials and machinery. On the basis of introducing the Japaness advanced technology briefly, the technological processes as to the addition of superplasticizer, SEC technology, high speed spinning and steam autoclaving twice curing method are used. the concrete strength of pile body is as high as C80, all the character is tics of concrete pile as to bending strength, axial compression bending strength and shear strength can meet the technological indexes of PHC piles in Japan Standard JISA 5337. the lot production of the concrete piles is carried out in concrete products plant in Shanghai, Guangdong Province and they are widely used in Macao, Yangtzs River delta area and Zujiang River delta area. The China National Standard "pretensioning Prestressed Concrete Pile" had been prepared. It's proved by practice that PHC pile is featured with high strength, high load bearing capability, fine piling resistance, fast construction speed and reliable piling quality. The selection of the piles in designing is very flexible and convenient.