Mechanical Property and Durability of Non-steam Concrete for Concrete Pole

2019-02-19 10:48:19

In order to solve the problems that the steam curing system not only reduced the durability of concrete, but also consumed a lot of energy, a kind of early strength non-steam concrete was prepared for the annular concrete pole produc­tion by the use of cement additive and mineral admixture. The properties of the steam curing concrete in existing produc­tion and the early strength non-steam concrete were compared and analyzed. The results show that the non-steam concrete can reach the same strength as steam curing concrete within 3 d, and its durability is higher than that of the steam curing concrete. The elastic modulus loss rate reduces by 2. 33% and the mass loss rate reduces by 2.17% after 300 times of freeze-thaw cycle, and the chloride ion permeation resistance improves by 24. 10%. The morphology and distribution of hydration products in non-steam concrete are better than those of the steam curing concrete, and their products crystallize more completely and have fewer defects. The internal pore structure is optimized and harmless pores are increased, the structure is more dense.

Concrete Spun Pole Moulds