The Formwork of Concrete Poles

2018-09-13 10:21:23

All forms shall be built mortar-tight, of sufficient rigidity and adequately supported to prevent distortion or displacement due to the pressure of the concrete and other loads incidental to the construction operations. Forms shall be constructed and maintained so as to prevent warping and the opening of joints due to shrinkage of the timber.

The Formwork of Concrete Poles

Forms shall be built with provision for easy inspection and cleaning out immediately before concrete is placed.

A high standard of finish is required, and all surfaces of precast, spun and prestressed concrete members shall be true, hard, smooth, and free from any defects due to leakage of mortar from the moulds.

Moulds should preferably be made of steel.

Every care shall be taken to ensure that no marks or fins appear on the finished surface.

The inside of forms shall be thoroughly wetted or coated with non-staining form release oil or other approved material. Where oil or surfacing material is used, it shall be applied before the reinforcement is placed.

The Superintendent may call for drawings of forms to be submitted for approval before their construction is undertaken.

When forms have become warped, damaged, or burred so that in the opinion of the Superintendent the surface or dimensional tolerances of the concrete will not be satisfactory, the Contractor shall, when so directed by the Superintendent, remove such forms and replace them with forms or form panels satisfactory in all respects.

Forms shall be removed so as not to damage the concrete.

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