Concrete Pile Vacuum Chuck

Concrete pile vacuum chuck can hang out the concrete pile from bottom steel mold with the lifting device directly after opening the upper mold, which save a process. It avoids the damage of the pile and steel mold by the traditional mold-turning process, and with the characteristics of high efficiency, low labor intensity and labor saving.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: VLGR-8500/6
  • Size:: 13200×750×1650mm
  • Weight:: 4000KG

The main frame fo concrete pile vacuum chuck is welded with good quality steel, It is bearing structure as well vacuum energy accumulator. Stress elimination and non-destructive testing are carried out after welding, All datum surfaces are processed and formed at one time to ensure accuracy.

The vacuum pump station and electrical control box is installed in the main beam,  there is 8 sets guide sleeve device which is used for adjust the chuck position. Two lugs is used to ensure the hanging rod in the level of crane. Mounting flange is equipped with anti-sway beam beside lifting lug, which is used to reduce the sloshing beam in the working process of the vacuum spreader, so as to ensure accurate positioning accuracy. The main beam of hanging rod is 13200mm in length, 650mm in width, 1658mm in height, 8500kg in rated load, and the size of each vacuum sucker is 1600mmx280mm. The sucker is connected to the main beam through a set of quick-change structures. The pneumatic pipe is connected through the vacuum hose and can be moved to another position without taking it apart.

The vacuum fittings for concrete pile chuck:

1. Sealing strip:Because the surface is smooth, the sealing fittings adopt high performance rubber. The sealing strip is characterized by high flexibility, resilience, tightness, abrasion resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, especially suitable for workpieces absorbing concrete materials. The sealing strip is 280mm in width and 50mm in height, with a maximum thickness of 25mm and a length of 1600mm. It is embedded in the suction cup liner to form a ring seal cavity.

2. Vacuum pump: We use oil spindle-free vacuum pump imported from Germany, rated swept volume 100m3/h, maximum vacuum degree 95%, which fully meets the requirements of long-term suction function in actual use.

3. Vacuum pressure switch: The vacuum pressure switch is used to detect the pressure in the system in real time. The alarm vacuum of the vacuum pressure switch in the system is set to be 60%. When the vacuum in the system is less than 60%, automatic sound-light alarm is given. 

4. Rated suction chuck: each suction cup can provide 30302.5/10=3030.25kg=3t rated static suction.

2Motor Power5kw
3Maximum Load8500kg