Concrete Pile Mould

The concrete spun pile mould is piecewise mould with bolt connecting, sturdy construction, high tensile strength can achieve multi-use. It improved production quality and extended service life to be with integral lifting rings, safe and reliable, thickened running wheel.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: ZM600-12
  • Size:: Φ800×12400mm
  • Weight:: 4000KG

The concrete pile mould is one of important pile production equipment, it is not only a forming mold but also is a device to bear tensioning force. Pile mould is easy to be broken and deformed because the mould needs bearing centrifugal force, vibration force, heat force, fatigue stress during the production, so when designing the mould, the mould need to be with enough strength and rigidity except for precise size, simple structure, convenient for disassembly and assembly.

Our concrete spun pile mould has the following characters:

1. The cylinder of pile moulds is made to order according to different piles, the longest cylinder is 6m with less welding seam and reduce influence of welding distortion and error of manual joining, the material is Q235B or Q345B. 

2. The material of mould wheels is hammer or cast steel, wheels are made by automatic Panasonic welding robot, high welding strength and less welding stress.

3. Our moulds adopt intermittent welding technology, welding method is CO2 gas shield welding, we also use Panasonic welding machine and mixture gas to weld moulds, a solid solder joint appearance, there is no brittle fracture caused by manual welding, oxidation, solder false.

4. Our company has introduced 18m heavy duty lathe, the mould below 12m adopts whole lathe machining to improve concentricity of moulds.

5. Our customers can choose different types of steel plates and flanges.

6. The processing equipment of join plate is from the previous planer processing technology to the milling machine processing technology, improved production efficiency, saving labor costs.

No.Inner Diameter/mmDistance of wheels/mmDiameter of Wheels/mmLength/m