Concrete Pile Cage Welding Machine

Automatic concrete pile cage welding machine is an important equipment in the factory. Its appearance ended the history of the artificial welded steel cage, the concrete pile cage welding machine not only has high welding speed and good quality, but also saves a lot of labor while improving production efficiency, which greatly reduces the production cost of concrete pile.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGHJ-3
  • Size:: 32400×1500×1924mm
  • Weight:: 8000KG

Concrete pile cage welding machine is a special mechanical equipment of concrete products industry. At present, in the production of the actual use, the concrete pile cage welding machine is divided into the following two kinds: 

First, single-chip control, this kind of cage welding machine can be automated production, which improves production efficiency, and it can meet many product demands. However, in order to ensure the screw pitch accuracy, it still relies on manual or mechanical transmission regulation, motor using electromagnetic speed, but there is a large screw pitch error, cage welding speed and screw pitch cannot be arbitrarily adjusted, solder joints cannot be tracked and other problems.

The second is the PLC and AC motor variable frequency speed technology, this kind of cage welding machine can realize automatic processing, and further improve the automatic control level of the cage welding machine. The system automatically completes the processing operation and welding control according to the preset pitch length, and the operation of the material disk and the trolley is automatically identified and matched by the PLC control software.

The concrete pile cage welding machine adopting PLC and ac motor frequency control technology also has the following advantages:

1. The automatic degree is high, the electric control part of the cage welding adopts the inverter, PLC, Man-machine interface, which reduces the requirement of skilled operation of the workers. Due to the PLC, the degree of automation has been greatly improved, the electrical components have been reduced a lot, the failure rate also reduces and improves the reliability of the operation of the equipment. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

2. Achieve the degree preset of the size of the cage length, and can be adjust directly.

3. When concrete pile cage welding machine to automatic welding, adjust the speed of the main engine, and the pulling speed with the changes to ensure the spacing of the ring wire. 

Length of Welded Steel Cage10〜15m
2Quantity of Longitudinal Wire8〜24pcs
3Diameter of Ring Wire3.2〜6mm
4Diameter of Cage0〜100mm
5Welding Line SpeedMAX3000mm/min
6Driving Power8.4kw
7Welding Power200KVA
8Engine (Host) Speed0~64r/rpm
9Welding MethodResistance Welding
10Control MethodAutomation Control
11Welding MaterialAny steel bar with carbon content less than 0.20%
12Strength Loss of Welding Spot≤5%
13Tensile Force or Shear Force at Welding Spot≥200KG
14Cooling-Down Method of Welding TransformerAir-cooled/Water-colded
15Ambient Temperature-5℃〜+35℃
16Relative Humidity<85%
17Working Power Supply380V±5% 50Hz