Concrete Pile Spinning Machine

The working principle of concrete pile spinning machine is transmitting the power of the motor to the driving wheels by the belt transmission, drive the rotation of the steel mould by the friction between the driving wheel and the running wheel of steel mould, so as to achieve the purpose of centrifugal shaping of concrete. Our spinning machine has advantages like firm structure, safe and energy-saving.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGL1-8×600
  • Size:: 14590×1600×720mm
  • Weight:: 10500KG

The main structure of concrete pile spinning machine is the driving wheels and the driven wheels, every driving wheel are connected by the driving shafts, but the driven shafts are disconnected. When the centrifugal machine is working, the power source is provided by the motor, which transfers the power to the driving wheel system by the belt pulley. The driving wheel drives the steel mold to rotate by the friction force, and finally the steel mold drives the driven wheel to rotate.

Base and bearing seat material of our spinning machine is ZG270-500, Top and bottom of base both adopt lathe machining, which ensures the accuracy of installation and makes it difficult for the centrifuge to loose the anchor bolt under high frequency vibration. In addition, the flange of the centrifuge supporting wheel is detachable, which can use both the steel mold with flange wheel or the steel mold without flange wheel.

The daily maintenance of centrifugal machine:

1. No-load test: At first, start motor from low speed to high speed slowly, and rotate for 30 minutes, electric cabinet is not abnormal, and wheels runs smoothly without uncommon noise.

2. Load test: Put the concrete pile mould on the spinning machine  which meet the requirements of the national standard, turn the speed from 80r/min to 450r/min slowly, running for 30 minutes, the temperature of bearings is not more than 40℃, and then trial production 3~5.  Wheels runs smoothly without uncommon noise. the temperature of bearings is not more than 50℃.

Item∅300〜∅600 Spinning machine
QT TreatmentYes
QT TreatmentYes
Outside Diameter∅640mm
QT TreatmentYes
Material of Bearing SeatZG270-500
QT TreatmentYes
6Distance between Driving Shaft and Driven Shaft970mm
7Assembly Structure of wheels and ShaftsTaper Sleeve
8Material of Base
9Foundation ScrewM36×800mm
10Motor Pulley∅400×8V