PC Wire Fixed Length Cutting Machine

GQ2-14 full-automatic PC Wire fixed length cutting machine, cutter using pneumatic pressurized cylinder cutting, SCM control electromagnetic valve action, automatic completion of straightening, fixed-length cutting action, the whole machine structure simple, easy to operate, high precision, simple feeding method.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: GQ2-14
  • Size:: 18300×800×2220mm
  • Weight:: 1800KG

GQ2-14 PC strand fixed-length cutting machine applies for pneumatic follow-up cutting and hydraulic motor feeding technology, greatly improves the feeding speed under the condition of ensuring the fixed-length accuracy, and effectively solves the problem of high temperature of hydraulic station. The reasonable design makes this machine has comprehensive functions, high efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable and simple operation. It's the ideal equipment for the production of prestressed concrete products.

The full-automatic PC wire fixed-length cutting machine has the following performance characteristics: shearing adopts pneumatic pressurizing cylinder,Quick action and simple system. Pneumatic system is equipped with the air tank to ensure the air pressure is stable and reliable. Adopt imported brand PLC and frequency converter to ensure fault-free operation.

Pressurization cylinder, cylinder, electromagnetic air valve uses domestic famous brand working performance is good. Speed of wire feeding is automatically controlled by frequency converter. The speed of wire feeding is fast in the front and slow in the back to ensure the cutting accuracy. After steel bar cutted off, speed of reinforcement will be restored automatically. The newly designed material rack device is more simple and reliable and easy to install.

The bearing is installed inside of the material rack rail to ensure the stability of the steel bar. The newly designed cutter device is not easy to damage. It is quick to replace the cutter and easy to maintain. It have output counter, quantity can be preset, to meet the quantity will be automatic stop.

The operating parameters of the control system can be set and displayed conveniently through the operation interface of the touch screen, adjust the power generation time of each solenoid valve in the cutting process according to the cutting length, set the quantity cut-off tasks to be completed, It can also show the speed of traction operation, the quantity that have been completed, etc. The interface is clear and the operation process is easy to understand.

1Diameter of PC Wire≤14mm
2Length of Cutting Wire1000~15000mm
4Cutting Speed40m/min
5Motor PowerY100L1-4 2.2kw