Automatic Clamp for Steel Mold

The automatic clamp for steel mold adopts compressed air to push the cylinder. The closed self-locking performance of fixture is good, safe and reliable; Multi-purpose machine meets the requirements of automatic clamping and releasing of pile dies and steel cages for various processes in the pile production line.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 10500×500×1500mm
  • Weight:: 3800KG

The overall structure of automatic clamp is composed of hanging beam, cassette clamp and holding clamp. The two hanger hooks of the crane are hung on the shaft above the hanging beam to realize the movement of the hanging beam up, down, left and right, back and forth. Cassette clamp and holding clamp are arranged under the hanging beam interval. Generally, the cassette clamping device is arranged according to the spacing of 2m, 6m, 2m, total is 4 sets, The holding clamp is about 1m away from the cassette clamp, total is 4 sets. 

Hanging beam: The hanging beam is the bearing beam of the automatic clamp. The maximum load borne by the hanging beam is the sum of the pile weight and the pile mold weight. The minimum load is the weight of the steel cage.

Cassette clamp: Calipers is stuck on the running wheel of the upper mold, it can stuck on the mold used for clamping or open mold, it can also load the concrete pile mold to centrifugal spinning machine.

Holding clamp: Holding forceps handle bottom mold to feeding area; When the steel cage needs to be transferred, the clamping device can hold 5 steel cages at one time, the transfer efficiency is very high. At the same time, it can handle a single steel cage to place in the bottom mold and then to feeding process. One clamp realizes multiple production process requirements.

The design principle for automatic clamp for steel mould:

1. Hanging beam: Need to consider the inhomogeneity of force due to the deformation of the pile mold, even sometimes only 3 force happen when there are four force points, the hanging beam design must reach enough rigidity. At the same time, since the hoisting speed of the crane generally reaches 13m/min, the dynamic load factor is relatively large.

2. Cassette clamp: First of all, the stress point of the caliper must be decorated on the outer edge of the calipers bearing, such design makes the calipers with locking function, the greater the clamp gravity, the greater the calipers closing force, the calipers will not appear open and loose phenomenon, maintain the calipers closed without any kinetic energy consumption. Secondly, due to the characteristics of pile production, the fixture work is very frequent, and the wear of calipers must be considered in the design of calipers. Not only should the material of calipers be not too hard, but also the calipers can be used safely after certain wear.

3. Holding clamp: The force points must be set in the outer edge of the bearing, such design makes holding forceps with locking function. When the clamp is designed, the universality of the clamp should be considered, which not only meets the requirements of the holding bottom mold, but also can hold the steel cage.

4. Cylinder: The force of the opening and closing and stroke must meet the requirements of automatic clamp action.