Automatic Heading Device

Automatic heading device is composed of material rack, PC wire displacement, PC wire move, PC wire clamping, feeding, positioning, lifting, and other mechanisms. The actuator is controlled by PLC program controller, and the operation parameters are set by man-machine interface.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 24×3.4m
  • Weight:: 2500KG

Automatic heading device is controlled by a main engine control cabinet via communication. All external parameters are set in English. It has the function of manual/automatic control and automatic feeding and turning. In order to improve production efficiency, the cylinder is traditionally used to direct and reciprocate the PC wire, which wastes the PC wire return time. Use cylinder plus circulating drive system. Save the turning time of each PC wire and improve the efficiency of the whole heading. The use of the equipment can save labor, reduce labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the degree of production automation.

The composition of automatic heading device:

1. material rack

There are 5 slots on the automatic heading rack, which are respectively cutting machine storage slots, the working slots of the left heading machine, the steel bar from the left to the right conveying slots, the working slots of the right heading machine and the conveyor slots to send the steel bar to the working position. After cutting off the steel bar from the machine, it enters 5 slots in turn, completes the heading of steel bar at both ends, and finally enters the working position of the skeleton weaving.

2. PC wire displacement system

The displacement system is composed of cylinder, rotating shaft, connecting rod and swinging arm.

When the cylinder moves, push the connecting rod to rotate the rotation axis at an Angle. A swing arm mounted on a rotating shaft pushes the steel bar from one feed slot into the next. The mechanism is quick, reliable and easy to install and adjust.

3. The moving mechanism of PC wire is composed of motor and roller

As the motor rotates, the roller mounted on the motor's main shaft drives the PC wire. The motor adopts the size 41K60GN-CW. This is a new power source which integrates motor and reducer. It has the characteristics of small mounting volume and large output torque.

4. PC wire clamping, feeding mechanism

When the steel bar enters the working material slot, the steel bar clamps, the function of feeding mechanism is to put the steel bar into the working position of the heading machine.

When working, firstly, the steel bar is clamped by the motion of the clamping cylinder, and then move by feeding cylinder. This action process is controlled by time and then sending the steel bar to heading machine. The time on the man-machine interface can be set according to needs. 

1Power380V 50Hz
2Diameter of PC Wire7.1~12.6mm
3Length of PC Wire5000~15000mm
4Heading Speed3~4Pcs/min
5Turning PC Wire MethodRotate
6Control MethodPLC
7Motor Power0.2kw×6
8Working Pressure≤0.8MPa