Automatic Mold Cleaning Machine

Automatic mold cleaning machine with simple structure, automatic operation, fast and convenient, safe and reliable. The equipment can clean the pile mould and spraying demoulding oil automatically. The mould clean device includes a fixed seat, fixed seat set in two level orbit, there no driven device which can be moved on orbit.

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Automatic mould cleaning and spraying machine includes mould cleaning machine, steel mold conveying equipment, photoelectric switch, spraying equipment etc. The mould spraying equipment is provided with the first electric control valve which controls the flow of demoulding liquid.

Among them, the mold cleaning machine includes support, lifting device, channel cleaner and chamber cleaning device. The lifting device is installed on the support; The lifting device is connected with the channel cleaner, and the lifting device drives the channel to up and down. When the mould is detected on the conveying device, the photoelectric switch will be cut off. The first electric control valve gains electricity or loses electricity will be control the discharge nozzle to spray the demoulding oil, The second electric control valve will be control the lifting device, at the same time the channel cleaner device will be started.

The fixed sea of automatic mold cleaning and spraying machine is equipped with lifting frame. There also have gearing device that enables the frame to up and down. Several rotating steel cleaners wheels are attached below the frame. The cleaning motor driving the steel brush wheel. When the mould cleaning device clean the mold, first lift motor will be up, let the pile mold enter, then lift motor will be down, let the steel cleaner wheel enter the interface plate groove, and then start the motor.