Chain Conveying Jacking Translation System

The chain conveying jacking translation system replaces overhead cranes in earlier concrete pile, centrifugal square pile production line and increase safety and productivity of concrete square spun pile and also replace lifting and transportation of overhead cranes, finish automatic degree of concrete spun pile plane transportation.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 10000×4500×1200mm
  • Weight:: 7000KG

The design and using of chain conveying jacking translation system in concrete spun pile production line can increase productivity, decrease labor's strength and reduce safety hazard, save labor's quantity and build foundation for plane concrete pile production line. We believe that after improvement and innovation of centrifugal concrete product, they can reach intelligent production line.

The chain conveying jacking translation system parts mainly include: hydraulic synchronous lifting platform, chain conveying machines, hydraulic and electric control system. hydraulic synchronous lifting platform is composed of many double-acting hydraulic cylinders which can lift and lower chain conveyors steadily conveying molds to lift mold to leave former conveyor and lower on next process conveyor. Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and other control components are controlled by PLC. By synchronous jacking oil cylinder and synchronous reducer’s driving, concrete pile and mold jacking's lifting-move in plane-lower, finish transmitting from vertical conveyor to transverse chain conveyor which improve productivity.

The Features of Chain Conveying Jacking Translation System:

1. Chain Conveying Jacking Translation System improves working efficiency. In former concrete pile production line, with overhead crane moving pile molds, it can move 3 to 5 pcs/min, but chain conveyors can finish this process within 2.5min and there are many improvement space according to working efficiency of whole production line.

2. Chain Conveying Jacking Translation System can reduce workers' working strength and save labors. With chain conveying system, hooks and cranes operators are not required.

3. Fulfil plant part plane flow automatic degree. With crane, when moving above with molds and heavy parts, on the lower ground is workers working place and walking path forming interchange flow process. While with chain conveyor system, all process are finished automatically in a plane.

4. Avoid safety accidents. Among process of chain conveying system, no cross operation and whole process is PLC system which can guarantee former and later process matching well reaching part full automatic control in the plant.

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