Concrete Pile Chain Conveyor Machine

Concrete pile chain conveyor can be operated by PLC system with other machines. With optoelectronic switch, approaching switch to react location of concrete pile and mold and send signal to PLC and act next movement sending mold to next process with recycling control.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 40000×15700×700mm
  • Weight:: 12000KG

The main framework of concrete Pile Chain machine is generally welded. Chains are main working component for concrete pile chain machine. Chains are main bearing body and chains are soft components. So bearing chains must be supported by supporting railway so that chains can be used as rigid structure bearing part; because there is polygon effect of chain transmission, when the structure is required for step by step chain transmission, chain teeth quantity should be same between two chains and their transmission ratio is 1 to avoid climbing. When the system is composed of two similar structure machines, then these two machines should be used separate driving devices instead of with only one driving device to avoid the polygon effect of chains to make the machines climb on chains. To meet different production pattern, conveying machines running method can be designed to be synchronous type and non-synchoronous type.

Concrete pile chain conveyor takes chains as bearing subject, as allowed error of chains is not small, the chain pitch can be bigger with chains wearing. Therefore, chains machines must be designed with one tensioning device. Tensioning stroke of tensioning device is related to working chain pitch and transmission length.

About choosing of chains specification, for precise roller chains, national standards have regulated power curve. Mechanical design manual can be checked for reference. Chain type can be choose according to running speed and chain transmission power curve. other chain model choosing is still with experience comparing.

About electric control part, synchronous chain machines is still controlled by regular electric parts and controlling items include speed regulating, driving protection, overload protection and limit protection. Non-synchronous chain machines are controlled by PLC, when including system programming, ID identification, transmission, protection, monitoring work together, computer will control. When one plant has many chain machines composing automatic production lines, its control is more complex than non-synchronous chain machines, except transporting working parts, there are many management functions which controlled by computer. Anyway, control system of chain machines will depend.