Concrete Pile Feeding Machine

Concrete pile feeding machine, also known as pile distribution machine; In the pile production line, it can basically be divided into two parts, pile feeding machine and pile distribution machine, these two parts works together, jointly responsible for delivering the concrete into the steel mold, this machine is mainly applicable to the pile production line that the production capacity is not high.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 2433×1800×2307mm
  • Weight:: 2800KG

The concrete pile feeding machine and the pile distribution machine are the necessary efficiency equipment for the production of pre-stressed concrete pile(PC, PTC, PHC), whose main function is to transfer the concrete material to the special mechanical equipment in the pile steel mold. It has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and clear function.

The pile distribution machine gets the concrete that discharged from the discharging port of the mixer, and then the concrete is transported to the feeding machine, the height of the distribution machine is between the mixer discharging port and the highest point of the feeding machine.

Generally, the running track of distribution machine is perpendicular to the feeding machine track, so as to realize the distribution of one distribution machine to multiple feeders, both the distributor and the feeder adopt two kinds of control modes, the button and the Wire control box, and the controlling box of the feeder is placed in the intersection of the feeder and the distributor, the control box of the feeder is placed on its body.

The feeding machine is composed of frame, hopper, vibration, shock absorber spring, walking mechanism, clamping bucket lifting mechanism and electric system, and the hopper capacity of distribution machine is the same as that of hopper (diameter: 500mm, 12m long pile needs about concrete 1.8m3), when used, the feeder is driven across the steel mould, and after entering the upper part of the steel mould, unloading door using the double cylinder synchronous open way to prevent the concrete fall into the steel mold when unloading, falling material can be controlled by the line control box button at random to move the cylinder expansion or vibration time to open the vibration.

The pile distribution machine is composed of a frame, hopper, vibration, damping spring, walking mechanism, electrical system composition, the hopper capacity of distributor is slightly larger than the discharging capacity of mixer, because the steel mold distribution needs a long time, the distributor speed should be faster than the feeder to reduce the waiting time, there is a damping spring between the hopper and the frame, the parameters of the spring can not only satisfy the vibration of the vibrating device when discharging, but also eliminate the segregation of the concrete in the hopper caused by the vibration of the vehicle, and avoid the damage to the hopper by vibration power.

1Hopper Capacity1.5m3 / 2.0m3 / 2.5m3 / 3.0m3
2Center Distance of Railway1300mm
3Distance of Walking Wheels1700mm
4Power of Walking Motor1.5kw
5Power of Vibrating Motor0.55kw
Power of Lifting Motor
7Exhaust Pressure of Air Compressor0.5~0.8Mpa