Concrete Pile Tension Machine

Concrete pile tension machine uses the hydraulic pressure sensor to measure hydraulic system pressure, the displacement sensor measures the elongation value, it works according to the given parameters, and after finish each tension work, it can print the data like tension value, pressure value, elongation value and time as a basis for work.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: ZDL
  • Size:: 1500×800×1400mm
  • Weight:: 300KG

The successful development of the concrete pile tension machine has solved the problems in tension process and ensures the accuracy of the tension existing in the long-term. It is easy to operation, installation and high reliability; When running tension machine, the operator selects the tension parameter directly and it's pulled automatically, which is not easy to make mistakes; In the process of tensioning, it realizes the real-time display, real-time control and storage of the tension data. After finish tensioning, the results of the tension can be recorded and printed to ensure the authenticity of the construction record, improving the credibility of the construction. It’s important for improving the concrete pile quality.

Hydraulic station, electrical control, frame and tension jack of pile tension machine are installed together (It can also be laid out separately as needed, especially the large tonnage tensioning machine), compact structure, easy installation and easy operation. The frame has a railway, and the jack can move back and forth; if the multi-station is pulled, the wheel can be mounted below and moved laterally along the railway. The lifting of the tension jack adopts hydraulically driven and the stroke is up to 220mm.

In the production process of concrete pile, tensile force error is an important factor affecting its quality. The pile tensioning machine uses a pressure sensor to measure the tension of the hydraulic system indirectly.

Concrete pile tensioning machine enters the control interface after power up. In this interface, you can input the steel mold number and operator number, then press the button "Basic Parameters" to enter the basic parameter interface, press the button “Pull Parameters” to enter the tension parameter interface.

In the basic parameter interface, you can input data such as pre-tensioning pressure, super-pull coefficient, pressure loss, tension jack number, tension area, jack factor and other parameters.

1Rated Pressure31.5Mpa
2Tensioning Force100T, 200T, 300T, 500T

3Height Adjustment Range220mm