Concrete Pile Tension Parts

Concrete pile tension parts are simple in structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the head and tail plate, reduces the labor intensity of the cage workers, reduces the operation of the cage and improves the safety of the cage loader.

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The new tension parts have reasonable stress, which transforms the internal tension into the external tension, all sides are uniformly stressed to avoid the quality problems caused by end plate skew. Its head plate weight is 1/3 of the original head plate weight. The weight of the tail plate is 1/3 of of the original tail plate weight.

Concrete pile tension device is composed of the head plate, clamp, tensioning plate, baffle, tensioning screw, tensioning nut, tail plate, tail plate clamp etc. The tensioning screw assembly is composed of tensioning plate, baffle, tensioning screw and tensioning nut. The tensioning screw connects the tensioning plate, the baffle and the tensioning nut after the tensioning;   The characteristics lie in: Mentioned head plate is fixed on tensioning plate at one end of tensioning screw rod by clamps. Holding plate at another end of tensioning screw rod is fixed at lower part of mold. Mentioned bottom plate is installed at bottom plate clamp. Bottom plate clamp is fixed end of mold by bolts; upper mold and lower mold is closed by bolts and tensioning machine will generate tensioning force by tensioning screw rod connection.

Concrete pile tension parts are divided into:

1. 5-pieces of tensioning device are composed of tension plate, anchor plate, head plate, tension rod, lock nut, etc.

2. 7-piece of lightweight tensioning device (40Cr forging) are composed of tension plates, movable plates, joint casings, anchor plates, head plates, tensioning rods, locking nuts and other components.