Concrete Pole Feeding Machine

Concrete pole feeding machine is used for feeding concrete into the mould, because the concrete is wet for concrete pole. So both screw conveyer and vibration method are adopted by our feeing machine. And we also install remote control to be convenient for operation.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: HG1000
  • Size:: 2000×1700×2100mm
  • Weight:: 933KG

Concrete pole feeding machine has replaced labour feeding method in traditional concrete pole production. The labor feeding method with high labor intensity, low efficiency, it's not good for modern factory and large production capacity.

Our feeding machine has the following characters:

1st, The capacity of hopper is 1m3, it's also can used to produce large tip diameter concrete poles.

2nd, Because wet concrete with poor liquidity is used to produce concrete poles, we install two vibrator beside hooper, it's good for concrete to fall down. Conveying method of concrete is screw conveyer, Screw blade is thicker than other companies so as to improve quality.

3rd, This machine adopts remote control operation, workers have to follow feeding machine and then to check concrete's condition in the mould at any time, so we install remote control to reduce labor intensity. At the same time, the worker also can do other jobs.

1Feeding Motor4kw
2Walking Motor1.5kw
3Hopper Capacity1000L
Stirring Cage Diameter320mm
5Stirring Cage Speed30r/min
Walking Speed13.69m/min
7Walking Wheel DiameterΦ310mm
8Walking Wheel Base936mm