Concrete Pole Mould

Concrete spun pole mould is a welded and lathe processed workpiece, Welding stress and lathe process precision are main factor to keep mould quality. Haiyu has introduced foreign advanced production equipments and technology then independent innovation.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DMZ190-12
  • Size:: Φ630×12100mm
  • Weight:: 3000KG

Concrete pole mould is two-half-type structure. it divides into equal-diameter and taper-diameter two types according to different standards. pole mould is a welded workpiece on the basis of Processing technology, so it's very important for mould to keep welding quality, our company has introduced Japan Panasonic inverter welder and welding robot, they are used to manufacture mould to improve welding strength and appearance quality.

Haiyu company designed mold forming press machine with 6m length to reduce cylinder connecting quantity and deformation by welding stress, the longer single cylinder is, the better strength of mould will be.

The mould whose length is below 12m has adopted whole lathe processing to improve quality of assembling and reduce phenomenon of bolts loose.

Our Concrete Spun Pole mould has the following Characters after improved:

1st, Saving raw materials and working time, reducing welding and assembling working procedure, less welding stress and costs.

2nd, Simple structure, it's convenient to make and repair the moulds.

3rd, Our concrete pole mould has improved performances to bear axial tensile force of steel bars. Because longitudinal steel plate is reasonable to improve bending performance, our pole mould is not easy to distort when lifting it.

3Ring steel plate12×80mm4

4longitudinal steel plate12×80mm3
5Join Plate27×63mm4