Concrete Pole Spinning Machine

Concrete pole spinning machine has good stability, simple structure and low failure rate. The control part adopts the operation of digital display touch screen to solve some quality problems base one nobody operation. It can produce various kinds of concrete pole with length of 7~15 meters and it has wide adaptability and avoids waste caused by repeated investment.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGL1-8×600
  • Size:: 14590×1600×720mm
  • Weight:: 10500KG

The concrete pole spinning machine is composed of base, supporting wheel, drive shaft and electrical parts etc, Because the spinning machine is main equipment to apply the centrifugal force of steel mold, so it bears a large impact force and vibration force for a long time. In our production practice, we constantly improve and innovate, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

The base of the spinning machine: Adopted precision casting, the material is ZG270-500, There are 4 support wheels on the one base, which is more stable and durable than the previous traditional spinning machine.

The wheels of the spinning machine: Adopted casting processing, material is ZG40MN2, After quenching and tempering treatment, it has high hardness and more suitable for long-time and uninterruptable work.

The shaft of the spinning machine: Adopted seamless steel pipe, material is Q345, and adopted through shaft design to connect shafts by shell shafts.

The electrical part of the spinning machine: Adopted the 45kw~90kw frequency control motor and full-automatic touch screen frequency control cabinet. Different parameters can be set according to different types of electric poles. Moreover, the remote control can be changed into wireless operation.

In addition to the quality of the spinning machine, it is also of vital importance that it can be installed in accordance with the required standards and daily maintenance during operation. Long-term vibration will gradually destroy the foundation structure of the spinning machine or loosen the fastening bolts of the components. Therefore, when installing the spinning machine, the manufacturer must follow the guidance of professional technicians and provide regular maintenance to the spinning machine according to the operating instructions.