Concrete Pole Steel Cage Welding Machine

Steel cage welding machine is an auxiliary equipment for the production of concrete pole. It can automatically weld the steel cage of the prestressed and non-prestressed concrete pole; The concrete pole welding welding machine not only has high production efficiency, but also has many advantages Such as uniform welding strength and small pitch error.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGHJ-3
  • Size:: 32400×1500×1924mm
  • Weight:: 8000KG

Concrete pole steel cage welding machine adopts PLC as the center of system operation and control to realize automatic operation and automatic control of pitch machining. By selecting different processing state control methods of electric pole welding machine, products of various specifications and special specifications can be processed. Only relevant processing parameters need to be reset during processing. High machining accuracy and good product consistency can be achieved.

Concrete pole cage welding machine is safe and easy to operate, it adopts a LCD full localization man-machine interface, the parameter setting and operation control are based on man-machine interface, it can monitoring, alarm, analysis the fault, and display the fault code, analysis the possible cause of the problem, prompt the treatment. With the safe, intuitive, simple operation, it changes thoroughly the past manual processing control mode, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the productivity.

The energy saving of our concrete pole rolling welding machine is more than 35% by welding spot tracking, pulse width modulation triggering welding method, frequency conversion speed regulation optimization motor power output.

Our concrete pole cage welding machine also has the following advantages:

1. The close winding length of the two ends of the steel skeleton and the ring wire distance can be set through the man-machine interface.

2. Automatically realize the functions of non-welding close winding at both ends, normal close winding at both ends and normal feeding. With the improvement of automation, manual actions are reduced, thus ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency.

3. The steel wire plate is arranged on the outside of the main circuit copper plate of the welding machine. It is not necessary to remove the copper plate when replacing the steel wire plate.

4. The design of winding machine is simple and practical, with adjustable speed, even winding displacement and high efficiency, it gets lots of good feedback from operators.

5. Using DC power supply, the current density is small, no inductance, power factor increases and other factors to reduce the power supply power, the total power from the original 200〜300 KVA is reduced to 150 KVA or so, and power consumption will reduce 30%〜50%.

Length of Welded Steel Cage10〜15m
2Quantity of Longitudinal Wire8〜24pcs
3Diameter of Ring Wire3.2〜6mm
4Diameter of Cage0〜100mm
5Welding Line SpeedMAX3000mm/min
6Driving Power8.4kw
7Welding Power200KVA
8Engine (Host) Speed0~64r/rpm
9Welding MethodResistance Welding
10Control MethodAutomation Control
11Welding MaterialAny steel bar with carbon content less than 0.20%
12Strength Loss of Welding Spot≤5%
13Tensile Force or Shear Force at Welding Spot≥200KG
14Cooling-Down Method of Welding TransformerAir-cooled/Water-colded
15Ambient Temperature-5℃〜+35℃
16Relative Humidity<85%
17Working Power Supply380V±5% 50Hz

The main host is partially packed in bundled naked, and the accessories are packed in wooden box with the electric control cabinet.