Concrete Pole Tension Machine

Concrete pole tension machine uses a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the hydraulic pump so that can more precisely control the tensile force of the tensioning machine. For example, when the tensile force reaches 90% of the set value, PLC will control the oil supply speed of the hydraulic pump, and the precision of the electric pole prestress can achieve a more ideal effect.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: YCW
  • Size:: 1500×800×1400mm
  • Weight:: 260KG

The control system of concrete pole tension machine is a method of directly converting the pressure of hydraulic pump into tension force of tension machine. There is only one factor that affects this control: The tensile force varies according to the specification changed and independent of the length of the pole (the tensile force is the same for different lengths of the pole). This only needs to be calculated at the beginning and input directly into the touch screen, the standard value can be adjusted later by simply pressing the same button. Such control method greatly reduces the operation requirements for production employees, ensures the product qualification rate and significantly improves the company's benefit.

The problems that need to be paid attention to in actual operation of electric pole tensioning machine:

1. The hydraulic pump must make sure that the direction of steering is the same as the manufacturer required. If the direction is reversed, not only there is no oil pressure output, but also the hydraulic pump will be damaged seriously.

2. The installation position of the pressure transmitter should be installed on the hydraulic cylinder as much as possible, avoid being installed on the hydraulic pump. Because installed in the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump output pressure fluctuations will be larger than the hydraulic cylinder, In addition to the vibration of the hydraulic pump and other factors, so installed on the hydraulic cylinder effect will be better.

3. The solenoid valve stops output once it reaches the set pressure, the solenoid valve is impacted by the reverse prestress of the pole easy prone to failure. After improvement, installed a one-way stop valve in the middle of the oil pipeline to solve loading solenoid valve is vulnerable to damage

4. Tubing suggested use high pressure resistant rubber hose and the pipe diameter should be increased appropriately to make the liquid flow rate less than or equal to the recommended flow rate so that can reduction hydraulic shock.

5. Relief valve must be installed, Its function is to stabilize the pressure and protect the oil system. When the system is abnormal (such as overload) and the current working pressure exceeds the pressure borne by the design, flood valve will be turn on to protect the entire system.