Demolding Oil for Concrete Piles and Poles

Special demolding Oil for concrete piles and poles is widely used in bridge plant, concrete pipe plant, concrete pile plant, concrete pole plant and various concrete products.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: Φ800×1200mm
  • Weight:: 200kg

The demolding oil is a white emulsion liquid, which can be widely used in various kinds steel mold of cement precast parts and concrete components construction.

The PH value of the demolding oil is neutral and non-toxic, so it has no irritation to the skin of workers and no corrosion to reinforced concrete. The concrete demolding oil has good isolation performance, easy to demold, the surface can be kept smooth, and the edges and angles are intact after demolding. It can greatly reduce bubbles and surface defects, and make concrete surface finish high, no variegation, no pollution.


1. Clean the molds without rust or concrete scale.

2. Paint the demolding oil  evenly on the mold or spray it directly on the mold. After drying, the concrete can be poured.

3. The mold which is painted should be prevent rain before using. It need to be re-painted after raining.

4. If you do not use the mold for a long time, you should paint the demolding oil several times to prevent the mold from rust.


1. The demolding oil should be mixed evenly before use.

2. Demolding oil should be painted evenly, must not leak brush.

3. No work on rainy days.

1. Appearance: white emulsion

2. PH: Neutral (7~8)

3. Solid content≥22%

4. Corrosivity: no corrosion

5. Dosage: 1 kg ≥20m2

1. Demolding oil is 200kg/barrel, it also can be packed as required by the user.

2. Stored in a closed container, valid for one and a half years under normal temperature.

label: Demolding Oil