End Plate for Concrete Piles

The steel end plate for concrete piles adopts hot rolling and coil technology to make surface and thickness of end plate for concrete pile is even and smooth. After hot pressing and forging pressing, the compactness of end plate is effectively guaranteed.

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Concrete pile end plate is a fixed connecting part for steel cage of concrete pile, it bears and transfers all loads of tensioning. And end plate is also the important part to connecting two concrete piles together, so the material of the end plate should be better weldability and mechanical strength. Therefore, we choose the material of end plate is Q235B with low carbon content.

Now, the production technology of end plate can be divided into billet rolling hot bending and welding forming, forging forming, centrifugal casting forming, integral casting molding, casting and forging forming etc in China. The market share of end plate for concrete piles produced by various production processes is about 60% of hot bending plate, 10% of centrifugal plate, 20% of pouring plate and 10% of forging plate.

Appearance quality requirements of end plate:

1. No visible crack in end plate of concrete pile.

2. The appearance of the end plate should be smooth without potholes, spots and welding scar.

3. The thickness of the end plate of the pile should be minus the depth of the potholes and spots.

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