Header Machine

Our header machine is small, light, low power and gas consumption, without additional transformer. The header machine can be used for a variety of steel wire. It's only need to change another mold, the working speed is fast as 15s/pc.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DT-12
  • Size:: 1250×980×1200mm
  • Weight:: 1200KG

The header machine use pneumatic supercharging control system, and install gas storage tank, greatly improve the speed of the heading, and avoid the instability of air source pressure and affect the quality of the heading.

The header machine has the following performance characteristics: new pneumatic supercharging control system, simple system, energy saving and consumption reduction; Pneumatic supercharging cylinder, clamping, heading speed quickly and stable; The air storage tank is installed in the pneumatic system to ensure the stable and reliable of air pressure. The electrical equipment is controlled by PLC and all-Chinese man-machine interface, and the parameter settings are easy to understand and easy for workers to operate. Imported brand PLC and control module to ensure fault free operation. Pressurized cylinder, electromagnetic valve, gas union adopt domestic famous brand, good performance, reduce equipment failure rate; The heading is eccentric and larger, which greatly reduces the cost of wearing parts.

The advantages of our header machine:

1. The power source of the heading machine is air pump, pressure air is pressurized by gas and liquid transfer, and then ACTS on the pressurizing cylinder. The steel wire is clamped and heading, which is stable in operation. The heading force is large, which is convenient for heading at lower temperature. No pollution to the environment, power source simple

2. Heading machine adopts degree to control silicon controlled to heat steel head to ensure that the crystal phase of the head is not damaged. Therefore, the strength loss of heading part is guaranteed to be minimal, and there will be no splitting and material defects.

1Power380V 50Hz
2Transformer Capacity25KVA
3Diameter of PC Wire∅7.1, ∅9.0, ∅10.7, ∅12.6mm
4Heading Speed4~8pcs/min
5Maximum Clamping Force50T
6Maximum Heading Force16T
7Initial Pressure1Mpa
8Clamping pressure12~25Mpa
9Maximum Heating Current6000A
10Strength Loss<5%