Hollow Square Concrete Pile Mold

Hollow square concrete pile mold is formed by bending of steel plate, and the barrel body is arranged with longitudinal and annular plate, which has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity and durability. The steel mold adopts the segments joint processing and the whole assembly, which has the advantages of convenient transportation, quick assembly and convenient maintenance.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: ZM400-12
  • Size:: Φ620×12400mm
  • Weight:: 3200KG

The type of the hollow square concrete pile steel mold is outside circle and inside square, different from the outer circle inner circle of the steel mold of the pile, the steel mold is composed of the identical two halves of the mold, in addition to the above mentioned internal mold wall and running wheel, but also with the internal mold wall connected to the end of the template, to ensure that the steel mold sufficient stiffness of the longitudinal plate, ring plate, and to ensure the close mold of the interface plate and bolts etc.

The hollow square pile is formed by centrifugal forming, and the inner cavity is naturally round, the square of the outer section is to be achieved by the shape of the inner mold wall of the steel mold, and the centrifugal process requires that the running wheel of the mold be circular, so the basic section of the mold should be: the inner cavity is square, and the circular running wheel sleeve on the cylindrical steel mold with outer contour.

After determining the basic section of the steel mold, there are two ways to divide the steel mold into two parts: one is the diagonal segment and the other is the midpoint of the opposite edge. The former cutting mode, each half of the steel mold cavity contains two equal length of the edge, the latter split mode, each half of the steel mold inner cavity contains three unequal length of the edge, obviously taking the former way is better.

Pretensioned prestressed hollow square concrete pile is a kind of hollow square concrete precast material, which is made of prestressed steel wire and HPC, and adopts pretensioned prestress centrifugal forming process and steam curing. Small-bore pretensioned prestressed hollow square concrete pile length of side (≤450mm) is mainly used for industrial and civil construction, railway, highway, water conservancy, municipal building etc.land foundation, large diameter pretensioned hollow square prestressed concrete pile (side length >450mm) are mainly used in port, wharf, long-span bridges, building berth marina, and draining system etc. building foundation.