Pump Feeding Machine

Concrete pile pump feeding machine is composed of the pile pump, the metering flat trolley and the control part, it is the core part of the automatic pile production line, and the pile automatic pump system can receive the actual weight of the concrete in the steel mould in real time, so as to control the walking speed of the measuring flat trolley.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: HBT60/1613S
  • Size:: 6230×2210×2050mm
  • Weight:: 8500KG

Concrete pile pump feeding machine is composed of pile pump, pump tube, operation table, programmable controller, touch screen, weighing system, encoder, measuring flat trolley, measuring flat trolley driving mechanism etc. According to the pumping capacity of concrete in the pile mold, pumping position and pumping equipment, the equipment can control the running speed of the flat trolley, and ensure the concrete in the mould is evenly distributed and the total weight is accurate. The accuracy of the system determines whether the concrete wall thickness of the precast pile can be controlled within the limits stipulated by GB.

There are two main types of pile pump structure selection: 1. adopts "S" valve technology, 2. adopts gate valve technology. In addition to supporting the pile pump from "Sany" and "Zoomlion", we also can choose our OEM pile pump products accordance with customer requirements.

Pumping the concrete to the mould by pumping machine needs to solve two problems, one is the accumulation of concrete in the mold must be uniform; the second is the weight of the concrete injected into the mould must be accurate. In order to achieve this goal, the concrete material metering control system is also needed.

When the precast pile is made by concrete pumping technology, the concrete is injected into the mould through the pile concrete pumping equipment, and the following effects can be achieved.

1. Workshop distribution work only needs one worker, which greatly reduces the number of employees.

2. Adopting the pump distributing, the concrete will not fall on the ground, the workshop will be clean and no dust.

3. The precast pile will not cause quality problem like slurry leakage etc. 

4. The pile end plate almost does not appear the quality problem of the plate sag, plate will be clean.

No.Pumping MachineWeighted Cart
1ModelHBT60/1613SWeighing SensorKM01C/D
2Theoretical Throughput63m3/hSpeed0~30m/min
3Conveying Pressure13.5MpaWalking Wheel Base765mm
4Distribution ValveSMotorBWD4-35-7.5kw
5Cylinder Diameter200×1600mmDrive MethodChain Drive
6Hopper Capacity0.65m3Voltage380V 50Hz
7Discharge Outlet Diameter180mm
8Charging Height1350mm

9Motor TypeY2-280M-4

10Motor Power90kw

11Voltage380V 50Hz