Solid Square Concrete Pile Mould

There have many adjustable screw uniform distribution from the upper edge of the side plate on the solid square concrete pile mould, so that the lateral mold does not tilt outwards under the pressure of concrete, so it's can make the pile meet the strength requirements.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: #
  • Size:: 12000×500×700mm
  • Weight:: 3000KG

The solid square pile mould adopts the assembly type structure, the rigidity is big, not easy to deform, guarantees the precast square pile appearance size. The cross-section design is an isometric form of side-mode and setting of upper flange and lower flange stiffeners, improved the sectional moment of inertia of square open groove, mould stiffness improvement, resistance deformation ability is improved, in addition, the setting of the upper pull bar of square open groove ensures the appearance and size of the precast solid square pile.

The solid square pile mould has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, high rigidity, no deformation and long service life, Through the Angle steel, channel steel, rectangular tube, connection plate, as well as the reinforcement plate on the mold side plate, setting rectangular tube under the mold bottom plate and setting the fin plate on the rectangular tube.

Generally solid pile allowable deviation, lateral surface length is ±5mm, diagonal line difference of pile top is 10mm, inclination of pile top plane to pile center line is no more than 3mm, thickness of protective layer is ±5mm, bending arrow height of pile is not more than 1‰. It is difficult to ensure the size deviation within the allowable range by using the field overlapping method, but use solid square pile mould to produce square pile, mould is not deformed in using, the size of the pile is ensured by the precision of the mould. So, the size of the pile is easily guaranteed.

It’s really convenient to adjust the size of Square opening groove internal, one set of molds can produce variety precast square piles. In general, the size of cross section of prefabricated square pile has many type. The length is designed according to the project needs, ranging from several meters to tens of meters. By adjusting the assembly position of side formwork on the bottom plate, a set of molds can produce variety concrete square piles, reduced the specification of square pile molds, Improved the utilization rate of the molds. Reduce of mold type also conducive to mold management, such as piling, maintenance.