Square Concrete Pile Cage Welding Machine

The square concrete pile steel cage welding machine is easy to standardize, batch production, high production efficiency, less personnel requirement and low labor intensity of operation workers. The square pile cage welding machine can weld a variety of materials, the welding scope is wide, the quality of steel cage is stable, which provides a strong backing for the square pile production.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGHJ-2
  • Size:: 32400×1500×1924mm
  • Weight:: 8500KG

Compared with reinforced steel cage that after artificial lashing, the square pile cage welding machine not only has the high quality (the longitudinal bar, spiral bar distributes evenly), saves time (each steel cage is about 6 minutes), but also saves the material (the lashing needs the auxiliary material and the welding rod).

The square pile cage welding machine adopts electrode wheel welding, and the electrode wheel is rotated in circular rotation. While rotating, it also makes a rotation by itself, in the welding process, it will produce a lot of heat and distribute out with the electrode wheel rotation, and the contact surface between electrode wheel and square mold constantly changes, there is a rolling friction, the friction is small and the electrode wheel friction also reduces, while the electrode wheel service life is increased.

PLC Control: The main engine speed, trolley index speed can be digitized input PLC program. In the course of the movement, the speed of the motor is controlled by PLC, and the speed of traction and the rotation speed of the main engine are achieved. The distance of the trolley is also stored in the PLC control center through the encoder, when the steel cage reaches the required length, the PLC sends the instruction, the trolley will automatically stop. This data only needs to enter the parameter before the boot.

Automatic unloading cage: When the steel cage is formed, the electrode wheel stops moving, then cuts the spiral bar, the trolley pulls out the steel cage, when pull out a certain distance, press the "unload cage" button, the solenoid valve control cylinder starts to work, make the longitudinal bar out of the trolley, then the trolley move forward a distance again to make the steel cage completely out of the trolley. Then press the "Drop cage" button, another group of solenoid valve starts to work, the corresponding cylinder also works, the cylinder will push the steel cage roll into a predetermined slot. All solenoid valves are reset and the cylinders are returned to their initial state for the next welding.

1Cage Diameter Ranges300~600mm
2Quality of Longitudinal Bars8~20Pcs
3Diameter of Longitudinal Bars∅7〜∅14mm
4Diameter of Ring Bars∅3〜∅6mm
5Length of Steel Cage8~15m
6Pitch of Ring Bars20~120mm
7Welding Current≤150A
Welding Ring Bars Speed5~28rpm
9Welding Time3~18