Square Concrete Pile Centrifugal Machine

Square concrete spun pile centrifugal machine is made up of integral casting bases, whole Q345 drive shafts, casting wheels and automatic frequency conversion control parts, with the advantages of anti-seismic, wear resistance, long life time, low failure rate, easy operation.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: DGL1-6×600
  • Size:: 10590×1600×720mm
  • Weight:: 7800KG

The production of hollow square pile is by centrifugal molding, wheels of mould and centrifugal machine need bearing high vibration force and impact force, so we choose to use the casting alloy steel (material:ZG40MN2) to produce wheel and the hot rolling round steel(material:S45C) to produce drive shaft, driving shaft of square concrete pile centrifugal machine is 16m and is connected with motor, it's a important part of centrifugal machine.

Centrifugal machine adopts automatic frequency conversion control system to control speed, Soft-starting method has been achieved, less power and noise, low failure rate, safe and reliable.

Daily maintenance of square concrete pile centrifugal machine:

1. The levelness and straightness of centrifugal machine must be corrected regularly, every foundation and connecting screws never be loosed, the centrifuge runs without vibration, the distance between the supporting wheels of the centrifuge is accurate, V belts are not slipped.

2. The concentricity of moulds must be good, the abrasion of mould wheels must be identical, the wheels of mould and centrifugal machine are aligned, the moulds never be beaten during centrifugal machine runs.

3. Regularly check the speed of the mould with the tachometer to match with the centrifugal running speed.