Steel Wire Fixed Length Cutting Machine

Steel wire fixed length cutting machine is a set of machine, electricity, gas, liquid integrated equipment, with automatic counting, length detection, variable speed cutting. High automation, simple operation, high precision, low noise, no pollution to the environment, low maintenance rate.

  • Brand:: Haiyu
  • Model:: SYG
  • Size:: 16000×1000×1200mm
  • Weight:: 1800KG

Steel wire fixed length cutting machine is powered by 20t gas-liquid pressurized cylinder produced in Taiwan. During the working, the high tensile wire moves at the speed of 51m/min, and slows down automatically at the position of 500mm before the fixed length. After the high tensile wire reaches the fixed length, the electromagnetic valve is controlled by the microcomputer. Pressurization cylinder increase. The cylinder output pressure is 20t and then push the cutter to cut off the high tensile wire. The electromagnetic valve is controlled by the microcomputer, pressure cylinder reset, the knife spring reset.

The machine adopts the combination control of siemens man-machine interface td-400c, programmable controller PLC and frequency converter, which greatly improves the automation degree of the equipment and makes the operation more vivid and convenient. All the parameters of the combined control are all in the man-machine interface operation.

The range of each parameter setting as follow: length is 2000~16000mm, the number of steel wire is less than or equal to 10000, and the length correction is between 0.5~1.5mm. If it exceeds the above range, it will automatically alarm and stop. During the work process, the set number of high tensile wire has been cut off and the alarm will be stopped. You must press zero reset on the panel to continue working. In order to prevent malfunction caused by interference, the grounding terminal in the electrical cabinet should be grounded strictly.

380V 50Hz
2Diameter of High Tensile Wire∅4.8〜∅12.6mm
3Length of High Tensile Wire1〜15m
4Diameter Accuracy±0.5mm
5Total Power3kw
6Gas Pressure0.3〜0.6Mpa
7Cutting Speed51m/min